What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color?

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“Low maintenance versions of smoky hair with multiple shades are the most popular as women follow the cool trend,”. “This is a softer take on the style than in past seasons.”

What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color? - cool tones ideas

“Smoky pale blondes with deeper regrowth, mushroom blondes and walnut to malt-toned brunettes will be popular in time.”

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What are cool tone hair colors?

Ashy shades of blue, purple, green, and grey are found in cool-toned hair colours.

Depending on which undertones you choose, your stylist can change the colour to fit your style, skin tone, and maintenance preferences.

To make rich colours like platinum blonde and mocha, cool hair colours use cool undertones like ash/blue (.1), iridescent/violet (.2), and matte/green (.7) tones.

To get the look, some hair colour products, like L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Majirel Cool Cover, are boosted with ultra-cool blue reflects to counteract yellow tones for a more matte, modern finish.

If a client wants to cool down their skin tone by getting rid of redness, cool shades are a great choice.

“Low-maintenance versions of smoky hair with multiple shades are the most popular as women follow the cool trend,” says Kim. “This is a softer take on the style than in past seasons.”

“Smoky pale blondes with deeper regrowth, mushroom blondes, and walnut to malt-toned brunettes will be popular in 2023.”

How To Care For Cool Tone Hair Colors

Before you decide to dye your hair a cool tone, you should know that you’ll need to add color-protecting products to your hair care routine.

Kim says that the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner are a good way to start your routine. This system keeps hair soft and protected while preventing hair colour from fading and gently removing dirt.

Kim also suggests priming your hair with the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Color 10-In-1 Multi Purpose Spray, since heat styling can quickly remove colour from your strands.

This leave-in spray keeps your colour looking brighter for longer and gives you 10 benefits right away, such as protecting your hair from heat, adding shine, making your hair look less frizzy, and more.

If you have dark hair, your colorist may need to use bleach to lighten it before making the cool-toned colour you want. Bleach will always damage your hair, but your colorist can make your hair look and feel better before you leave the salon.

10 Trendy Cool Tone Hair Colors to Try

You now know Which cool-toned hair colours will look best On your fair/light, medium or deep skin tone if it has cool undertones.

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Check Out some of our favourite cool-toned hair colours that are in style to get ideas for your next colour.

1. Pearly Champagne Blonde

10 Trendy Cool Tone Hair Colors to Try

A pearly, iridescent champagne blonde has cool, silvery tones that look great on all cool-toned skin tones and will make your skin light up. If your hair is already dark, leave a darker shadow at the root to make it easier to care for and give it a more natural look.

2. Smoky Cool Beige

Kim says that L’Oréal Professionnel’s smoky hair colours will be one of the biggest trends in 2021. The L’Oréal Professionnel stylists who made these colours were inspired by the smoky eye trend.

To get the look, a colorist will use two or three custom shades, starting with the darkest at the roots and ending with the lightest at the tips. The two colours will look smudged where they meet.

If you’re blonde and want to try the smoky hair trend, you’ll love this smoky cool beige, which is made with three Majirel. 13 cool shades from Forced.

3. Silvery Ash Blonde and Brown Balayage

What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

Sparkling silver tones in ash blonde and ash brown make the perfect pairing for a gorgeous balayage look. The deepest ash brown tones near the roots create a darker face-framing color while the silvery blonde midshaft to end zone brings a little brightness. 

Check out this article, which has all the details you need to know about What Two Colors Make Burgundy Hair Color

4. Shimmering Platinum Blonde

What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

If you’ve always wanted to go platinum, this is your chance.

Cool undertones look great next to platinum strands, which do a great job of reflecting the pink or blue tones in your skin. This colour will look good on fair to deep cool skin, but it requires a lot of care.

5. Dark Brown

What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

Dark brown hair with cool tones is a staple for brunettes, especially in the winter.

Use a green color-toning system like Matrix Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo and Conditioner if you start to see red undertones in your hair. This color-depositing system makes dark hair without red undertones.

6. Dark Mushroom Brown With Ash Blonde Foils

Dark Mushroom Brown With Ash Blonde Foils -What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

Mushroom brown is sometimes called “truffle grey,” which is a cool brown colour with silvery ash tones in different shades. Here, the base is mostly a dark mushroom colour, with brighter, cooler-toned ash blonde foils woven in.

7. Café Noir Brown-Black

Café Noir Brown-Black -What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

Cafe noir is a deep brown that is close to being black. This colour is perfect for cool, deep skin tones. It has the depth of black and the almost silvery undertone of ash brown.

8. Radiant Crimson Red

Radiant Crimson Red -What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

Crimson red is a unique cool-toned red that looks great on fair, medium, and deep skin tones with a cool undertone. This shade of red has bluish violet undertones that make it feel cool and rich which we love.

9. Ash Brown Hair With Purple Face-Framing Highlights


If you can’t decide between being neutral and being bold have ash brown hair with purple highlights around your face.

10. Shades Of Green

Shades Of Green -What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color

There are so many trendy shades of green hair from emerald to neon. If you’re brave enough to wear green, mix different shades of green to take your look to the next level.

What Your Clients Need To Know About Cool Tone Hair Colors

Once they know the basics, your clients may have more questions:

Can Cool Tone Hair Colors Be Achieved On Light Or Dark Hair?

Both! As you know, a person’s tone has nothing to do with how dark or light their hair is. This means that an ashy look can be made to fit both blondes and brunettes.

How To Choose The Perfect Cool Hair Color?

The client and stylist should work together to choose the right cool tone hair colour. Ask your clients to bring photos of looks they like and looks they don’t like to their appointment as inspiration. Both can help them choose the perfect shade from the many options!

As you help your client choose a shade that goes well with their skin tone and eyes, you’ll need to use both your technical skills and your creativity.

You’ll also have to think about the colour and condition of their hair right now. If your client’s hair is dark brown and has some damage suggest a medium brown iridescent colour.

How Can Professionals Make Cool Tone Hair Colors Stand Out?

When two or more colours are used to make a custom duotone effect, like French balayage, cool-toned hair colours look the best. or Black Hair!

For subtle results You might choose two shades that are two levels apart (for example 5,1 at the roots With 7,1 along the lengths for a rich and luminous Intense Ashy Brown).

But there’s no limit to what you can do. Don’t be afraid to Suggest a stronger contrast or even more shades for a truly multidimensional finish, depending on your client’s tastes.

Which Cool Tone Hair Colors Will Suit You Best?

Now that you’ve done a few tests and are sure you have cool undertones, we can talk about the cool tone hair colours that will look best on you.

Best Shades for Fair & Cool Skin

Platinum blonde, ash blonde and champagne blonde are all great light hair colours for people with fair skin and cool undertones. These bright colours bring out the pinks and blues in your cool undertones and make redness less noticeable.

On fair, cool-toned skin, any shade of brown from light ash brown to medium cool brown will look great. Don’t make your brown too dark, or it will look harsh against your skin tone.

For fair, cool skin, cool crimson red, dusty rose pink and deep rose red are all great red choices. These deep colours will make your fair skin stand out and match some of the pinkish red tones in your skin.

Black is a high-contrast colour for fair, cool skin but if you have porcelain skin, you might love how it makes your skin look like it’s glowing. If you want to look your best, choose a rich violet-black or blue-black colour.

Best Shades for Medium & Cool Skin

Platinum blonde, ash blonde, and champagne blonde all look great on medium-toned, cool-toned skin. This skin tone and undertone also looks good with beige and pearly blonde hair.

Medium skin tones with cool undertones look great in shades of light to medium ash brown, medium to dark mushroom brown, cool mahogany, or espresso. Since you have a medium skin tone, you don’t have to worry too much about going too dark with cool brunette shades.

Medium, cool-toned skin also looks good in deep crimson red, deep auburn, cherry red, black cherry, and rose red. Since your skin is a little darker than fair/light, it can handle deeper reds with blue and pink undertones that bring out your cool undertones.

If you have medium cool-toned skin and want to go really dark with your cool hair colour, true black, violet black and blue black are all good choices.

Best Shades for Deep & Cool Skin

Platinum blonde, ash blonde, and champagne blonde are all good hair colours for cool, deep skin tones. With dark skin, these are high-contrast colours so if you want a colour that stands out, choose a light, cool blonde.

Deep, cool-toned skin looks great with brown hair in shades like medium to dark ash brown, medium to dark mushroom brown, deep espresso, mahogany, cafe noir and brown-black.

By choosing darker shades of brown hair, you can make your cool, rich skin tone stand out even more.

Cool Tone Hair Color Tips & Things to Consider

  • Make sure you’re cool-toned, not neutral. It’s hard to mix up cool and warm undertones, but many people have thought they had cool undertones when their real undertone was neutral. If you just thought you had cool undertones, use the 4 quick “tests” in this guide to make sure you’re not actually a neutral undertone with some cool traits.
  • Consider the maintenance level. You might have to do different things to keep the Cool tones in Your hair looking fresh and vibrant. Platinum blonde and radiant crimson for example are hard to keep up with but a deep ash brown or dark mushroom brown isn’t too hard to take care of. The more vibrant the colour or the more vivid the tones, the more touch ups and toning sessions you’ll need to keep it looking great.
  • Look for shades that won’t overwhelm your skin tone. Look for Shades that won’t overwhelm Your skin tone.Even though people with fair skin can Wear bright and dark colours well, you may or may not like the high contrast look these colours give you. Think about how you will look with a Very dark colour and how your makeup, brows, eye colour and favourite lip colours will work with your new colour.
  • Switch to sulfate-free shampoo to prolong color. If you keep using a shampoo with sulphates after dying your hair, you’ll have to fight the fading process all the time. Switch to a shampoo without sulphates if you’ve just dyed your hair so that you don’t lose your new colour too soon and your cool colour stays bright for longer.
  • Can’t decide on a color? Go multi-toned. Use different tones. Cool colours can be blended or put together in many different ways to make a unique, multi-toned look. Some of them are balayage, highlights, lowlights, ombre colour and underdye. If you can’t decide, pick two or three of your favourite cool-toned colours and use them all in your hairstyle.
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Women with cool pink or blue undertones look best with cool hair colours.

By skipping gold, copper, and bronze-y colours in favour of icy, pastel, or deep shades on the cooler end of the colour spectrum, your colour will better match your skin tone and eye colour for a more cohesive look.

Keep these cool-toned colours in mind the next time you want to try something new with your hair. Even if you get a tan or stay out of the sun, your skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) will never change, but your undertones will.

FAQs – What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color?

FAQs – What Are Cool Tones In Hair Color?

People with cool skin undertones usually have blue, green, pale brown, or grey eyes and blonde, brown, or black hair with ash tones. Warm-toned people usually have brown, amber or hazel eyes and strawberry blonde, auburn, brown or black hair with hints of red, copper, or gold.
This colour doesn’t have any hints of red or gold. Some ashy cool tones have a blue, green or violet undertone which makes gold or brassy tones in the hair less noticeable.

COOL TONES: Even the lightest blondes look darker because cool colours like blue and violet soak up light. Most skin tones and light eyes look great with these colours. NEUTRAL: These tones look even and wheaty, and most people will like them because they don’t have any strong overtones.

Cool undertones can try out bold colours and different shades of blue. A soft sapphire blue is a great one to try. The glossy colour will help people with cool skin tones show off their undertones.

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